Lesson learnt today, take my knitted garment to the shop when picking buttons for it! I can not decide if these buttons look okay with my cardigan, think I will ponder it over before sewing them on. The lady has said I can return them if I want. I am dreading weaving in all the ends but hope I will get some wear from it before the summer comes.


Wedding dress

So….I have a project on my mind A LOT, its this gorgeous wedding dress pattern by Nicky Epstein that I stumbled across on Ravelry the other day and I just can’t get it out of my mind! Only thing is I think any substitute yarns just would not work right, and yes the yarn in the pattern is from the USA….  it totts up to £283.65 WOW. Think I will try and distract myself with other projects for a while and check if it’s still niggling away in my creative brain before I make my decisions on pressing the pay button….